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    Photography today is such an integral part of our lives thanks to phone cameras. However, the generation born in the digital age has little knowledge of how the art of photography has developed over 180 years. Most have not seen a film camera! When students navigate the timeline of photography in the galleries of Museo, they see and interact with cameras, photographs and studios from a bygone era. With guided walks and workshops, they explore the world of art, science, history and sociology in an interconnected and experiential way. Museo has hosted 65+ visits from educational institutions from 2019 to 2023.

  • Corporate Visits

    Companies can organise engaging team building walks and workshops at the museum. This will be an opportunity for visitors to learn about the history of photography, and destress and bond over a creative activity!

The ways in which schools, colleges and corporates can engage with Museo are:

Curated Museum Walk: Our experts on photography walk the visitor through the galleries, enthralling them with stories and anecdotes about photography and its evolution. They engage the visitors with questions, impart information in a simple and accessible way, and encourage them to experience the interactive installations in the galleries.

Audio Guide Tour: The audio guide helps visitors navigate across the museum, as they learn about the museum exhibits through an accessible storytelling narrative. 

A walk through our galleries is fascinating and offers an enriching immersive experience.You can view:

- Over 4000 cameras and other photographic equipment dating back to the 1850s

- The first photograph ever taken, back in 1826

- Projectors from the 17th century

- Spy cameras, and aerial war cameras from WWII

- Experience the workings of a Pinhole Camera, Camera Obscura and Stereoscope Camera through interactive installations

- Take pictures in our “Daylight Studio”, which existed in the 19th century

- Experience a dark room and learn about the film development process

Cyanotype Workshop/ Demo: Cyanotype Printmaking is a simple, fun and creative activity in which participants compose an artwork by placing things (like flowers, leaves, objects etc) on a light sensitive paper, and expose it in sunlight to create beautiful artworks. These are called photograms! 

Pre-coated Cyanotype Workshop: Visitors will get precoated light sensitive paper on which they will create their composition.  

Immersive Cyanotype Workshop: We also have the option of an immersive workshop wherein visitors learn how to coat the paper with chemicals themselves before they start with the composition.

Demo: Our team will demonstrate the cyanotype printmaking process for a group of visitors.


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Schools, colleges and other educational institutions can get in touch with us on [email protected] for more information, or to book a visit

Corporates can get in touch with us on [email protected]

Sukriti Sharma

Sukriti Sharma

Vega Schools, Sector 48 Gurgaon

This is our second time visiting the museum, and we had a very informative experience here. The learners loved looking at the different cameras and at the cyanotypes. Thank you for the experience!      

Dr Ramesh Aroli

Dr Ramesh Aroli

Journalism Department, Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University

The tour was quite educational and enlightening. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank you.    



Associate Professor Sociology, Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida

Thanks a lot for your help. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definitely visit again.    



Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon

Wonderful experience. Students really enjoyed and learnt about the use of cameras in early years. It is a fabulous collection.    

Arjun Ghosh

Arjun Ghosh

Professor Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi

 I am glad that me and my students decided to visit the museum and take the curated walk. I learnt a lot myself and I’m sure the students also did. It was great exposure to the history of technology and its effects on social and cultural behaviour.

Srushti Joshi

Srushti Joshi

Neev The Foundation School, Sector 47 Gurgaon

It was a very informative tour. I think the cyanotype demo really stole the show. The students seemed to have a lot of fun and hopefully took something of substance.



GD Goenka World School, Sohna Gurgaon

The tour was beautiful and very informative. Children absorbed the information well. We look forward to future trips as well.

Suryanandini Narain

Suryanandini Narain

Assistant Professor in Visual Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University

We have been taught, enthralled and are fascinated by our day at Museo Camera. The students today learnt about the history of camera technology, and a wonderful cyanotype workshop. We admire your skills of multitasking, how organised you are, and your generosity. I hope to bring a group of students every year for these tours and workshops. I wish Museo Camera the very best for being a pioneering institution to support photography in India.


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