showcases the works of one of the only surviving traditional artists of the Basohli school of miniatures.

Shri Sohan Singh Billawria specialises in using traditional techniques and materials to create masterpieces.

Basohli is a small town near Jammu. Considered the cradle of the Pahari school of miniatures, it has a bold and vibrant style. The characteristic features of these paintings are the use of bright and bold colours like red, yellow and blue in the borders, as well as for the generally flat background. The other distinguishing part is the facial features- a prominent nose and lotus-shaped eyes. Depiction of flora is not unusual in Basohli paintings. The most distinctive feature of Basohli paintings is the portraval of jewellery- embossed white paint is used for pearls and the wing-case of beetles for emerald green.

Scenes from Rasmanjari and Get Govinda hold a place of prominence in this art.

The miniature paintings of India depict either the divine or the royalty. Both can be embellished and represented with a lot of richness. Whereas the Rajasthan miniatures went the royalty way, the Basohli and other schools of the mountains went the divinity way.

The exhibition will run from 15th till 17th September 2023 at Museo Camera.

  • 15 Sep 2023 - 17 Sep 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • Museo Camera
  • Free, just drop in

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