GLOBAL MUSIC COLLECTIVE is an international music organization with a constantly growing series of recordings, performances, collaborations, workshops, and forums. We bring together independent artists across the world to embark on ambitious collaborations to cross cultural, linguistic, and genre divides. Its founders Kate Bass and Richie "Robot" Steighner have travelled to over 70 nations to build bridges with music.

HARPREET is a versatile artiste, who sings original musical compositions in Hindi, as well as, in regional Indian languages and dialects such as Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Rajasthani and Haryanvi.
He is best known for creating musical scores to epic works of humanist poets like Kabir and Bulleh Shah. Credited for taking celebrated poets to the masses, Harpreet has also composed popular hummable tunes to words of poets such as Pash (Avtar Singh Sandhu), Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Nirala (Suryakant Tripathi). The rhythmic blend of soulful poetry to the pulsating sounds of guitar and percussion are at once unique and innovative, familiar and foreign.
Harpreet has performed at Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, Mahindra Kabira Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, Sacred Pushkar, Sacred Amritsar Festival, and many more festivals across India and abroad. 

SANTUR KUNDU is an extremely talented and skilled musician, who has achieved significant success at such a young age. Despite being skilled in singing, songwriting, and music production, Santur has also mastered musical instruments like the Guitar, Keyboard, and Harmonium. He is best known for his incredible voice and for being a skilled exponent of the art of vocalising rhythms through Konnakol.
Santur is currently one of the lead Vocalists and the choir manager at the award winning Anirudh Varma Collective. He is also currently working with the acclaimed electronic duo, The Midival Punditz and has been a vocalist for the Nandan Borker Collective and VnA Music.

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